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Writings on Physics and Philosophy
Philosophy and the New Physics
Philosophy, Mathematics and Modern Physics
Writers on Writing
Karl Marx on Sociology and Social Philosophy
The Philosophy of Physical Science
Physics and Beyond
Eros on Crutches
Physical Chemistry
Handbook of Chemistry and Physics
God and the New Physics
Consciousness and the Physical World
The Philosophy of Avicenna
Buddhist Philosophy
Symposia on the Foundations of Modern Physics 1992
The Physics and Psychophysics of Music
The Language of Modern Physics
The Philosophy of Right and Left
Philosophy and Myth in Karl Marx
The Philosophy of Induction and Probability
Ethics and the Limits of Philosophy
Philosophy of Science and the Occult
Philosophy and Psychology in the Abhidharma
Philosophy and the Mirror of Nature
Physical Modalities
Writing for Radio
Early Christian Writings
Edgar Allan Poe, Selected Writings
Quantum Theory and the Schism in Physics
Lectures on Psychical Research
On Death and Dying
The Physics of Immortality
Recorders Based on Historical Models
Selected Mystical Writings of William Law
Statistical Physics and the Atomic Theory of Matter
Live and Learn and Pass It On
Super Physical Science
Physics as Metaphor
Selected Writings of James A
Man and Superman
Man and Superman
The Concise Encyclopedia of Western Philosophy and Philosophers
A Time for Trolls
Angels on Horseback and Elsewhere
Notions de philosophie I
A Source Book in Chinese Philosophy
Matter and Consciousness
Thracian Peltast and their Influence on Greek Warfare
Masterpieces of Chinese Writing Materials
Theoretical concepts in physics
Elements of Physical Oceanography
From a Life of Physics
Physics of the Stoics