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A History of Chess
An Outline of Modern Occultism
Approaching Sociology
Aristotle's De Anima
Aurora Consurgens
Beyond the Body
Bucks and Bruisers
Egyptian Magic
Encyclopedia of Esoteric Man
Hindu Mythology
Lectures on Psychical Research
Martin of Tours
Number Symbolism
Physics of the Stoics
Plato's Cosmology
Realms of Silver
Researches on the I Ching
Russia in original photographs 1860-1920
Spiritual Dimensions
Studies in Ancient Society
The Adult Development of C.G. Jung
The Astrology of I Ching
The Egyptian Gods
The Founders of Psychical Research
The I Ching and You
The Initiate
The Initiate in the New World
The Limits of Influence
The Manufacture of Madness
The Metaphysical Foundation of Modern Science
The Open Society and its Enemies II
The Physical World of the Greeks
The Psychology of Religious Mysticism
The Second International 1889 / 1914
The Secret of the Golden Flower
The Self and Its Brain
The Social Construction of Extraordinary Science
The Study of Organizations
Through the Eyes of the Masters
Travellers Foreign Phrase Book
Yoga Immortality and Freedom