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A child's guide to the ZX Spectrum
A Concise History of Greece
A Course of Modern Analysis
A Greek Grammar of the New Testament
A History of the Crusade vol. II
A History of the Crusades vol. I
A History of the Crusades vol. III
A Laboratory Manual of Qualitative Organic Analysis
Atomic Energy in Cosmic & Human Life
Barbarian Migrations and the Roman West
Bathing in the Roman World
British Historical Portraits
Capitalism and modern social theory
Charles Darwin, the Man and his Influence
Cicero Selected Letters
Cupid & Psyche
Egypt in the Byzantine World
Elements of Wave Mechanics
Energy, Force and Matter
English Vocabulary in Use, Advanced
Essays in Medieval Agriculture and Economy
Fact and Relevance
From Paracelsus to Newton
Handbook of Human Intelligence
Hobbes and Republican Liberty
Illustrating Super-BASIC on the Sinclair QL
Inventing the French Revolution
Italy a Difficult Democracy
Language and Perception
Liberal Beginnings
Lithuania Ascending
Modern Cosmology
Music and text: critical inquiries
Nature and the Greek and Science and Humanism
Odysseus Unbound
Origins of Life
Participation and Democratic Theory
Philosophy and Myth in Karl Marx
Philosophy of Logics
Philosophy of Mathematics
Plato's Phaedrus
Production of Commodities by Means of Commodities
Reliable knowledge
Republicanism vol.1
Republicanism vol. II
Rethinking the Scientific Revolution
Roman Law in European History
Schrödinger Life and Thought
Shakespeare Problems
Space and Time in the Modern Universe
The Accidental Universe
The Anthropic Principle