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69 A.D
A Dictionary of Irish Mythology
A First Book of Classical and Romantic Pieces
A Standard Swahili-English Dictionary
A Tale of Two Cities
A Tale of Two Cities
Acces to English, Starting Out
Acces to English, Starting Out, Workbook A
Access to English
After Babel
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
American Notes and Pictures from Italy
An Introduction to Behavioural Geography
Ancient Greece
Barnaby Rudge
Byron a Self-Portrait in his Own Words
Capital and Growth
Christmas Books
Christmas Stories
Clement of Alexandria
Coleridge Poetical Works
David Copperfield
Democratic Enlightenment
Dombey and Son
Edmund Campion
English Town in Transition 1500-1700
English Verse vol. III
Enlightenment Contested
Europe, A History
Foreign Devils on the Silk Road
Foucault A Very Short Introduction
Fowler's Modern English Usage
Friedrich Hebbel, A Study of his Life and work
Great Expectations
Hard Times
How our Bible came to us
Ian Fleming's Commandos
Introduction to Normative Economics
Journey to the Western Islands
Keats Poetical Works
Letters of John Keats
Life on the Mississippi
Longfellow to Rupert Brooke
Mansfield Park
Martin Chuzzlewit
Martin Chuzzlewit
Marxism and Literature
Master Hunphrey's Clock
Mathematics, the Loss of Certainy
Mathematics in Western Culture