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Nostradamus, het jaar 2000 en daarna
Occult Anatomy and the Bible
Organum Quaternii
Oude Europese voorspelkunst
Over astrologie
Overwegingen van een Sterren-wichelaar
Phases of the Moon
Planetenloop en mensenlot
Planetentabellen 1980-2000
Planets in Aspect
Positive Sciences in the Vedas
Practical Astral Projection
Psyche en astrologisch symbool
Psychological Astrology
Raphel's Ephemeris Planets Places 1973
Recent Advances in Natal Astrology
Scope of Astrological Prediction
Sternglaube und Sterndeutung
De sterren spreken
Het sterrenbeeld van uw kind is Weegschaal
Synastrie technieken
Tables of Diurnal Planetary Motion...
Tables of Houses
The Astrologer's Astronomical Handbook
The Astrological Aspects
The Astrology of I Ching
The Case for Astrology
The Case for Astrology
The Concise Planetary Ephemeris for 1900 to 1950 A.D.
The Cosmic Clocks
The Degrees of the Zodiac Symbolised
The Elements of House Division
The Encyclopaedia of Ignorance
The Ephemeris of the Moon
The Fixed Stars & Constellations in Astrology
The Guide to Horoscope Interpretation
The Jupiter Temperament & Actors
The Message of Astrology
The Modern Text-Book of Astrology
The Moon's Nodes
The Palace of Knossos
The Progressed Horoscope
The Saturn Temperament & Men of Science
The Spheres of Destiny
The Truth About Astrology
Through the Eyes of the Masters
Time Changes in Canada and Mexico