QL Computing


Auteur: Sinclair, Ian, Uitgever: Granada, 176 pagina's, Paperback, Engels, ISBN: 9780246125958 (ISBN10: 0246125950), Gepubliceerd in 1984.


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The Sinclair QL is by far the most powerful computer ever made available at such a competitive price. With such a sophisticated machine, however, there is so much more to learn! This book has been written to help you get ahead fast. Very many practical programs are provided for you to enjoy as you learn how to get the best from this superb microcomputer- such as elegant and creative programming techniques, how to archieve brilliant graphics and sound, interesting special effects, efficient use of the microdrives, useful database applications, and much more. Also it shows how to avoid some of the problems that may arise. This highly practical book- which is based on the daily use of the machine and not on second-hand information- will put you well on the path to becoming an expert.

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QL Computing
QL Computing

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QL Computing

Hoofdtitel QL Computing
Uitgever Granada
Auteur(s) Sinclair, Ian
Taal Engels
Pagina's 176
Productvorm Paperback
Publicatiedatum 1984
ISBN 9780246125958