Advanced Programming with the Sinclair QL


Auteur: Gandoff, Martin, Uitgever: Hutchinson, 187 pagina's, Paperback, Engels, ISBN: 9780091589615 (ISBN10: 0091589614), Gepubliceerd in 1984.


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About the Sinclair QL series.. The Sinclair QL-Quantum Leap- is probably the most significant new computer to be launched in recent years. Its performance and technical specifications are astounding and comparable to machines several times the cost. Moreover, it is a machine which appeals to the hobbyist and businessman alike and its superb software allows it to be used extensively either in the home or in the office. This series of books has been designed to provide the Sinclair QL owner with practical down-to-earth information about his machine- from the very introductory level, through to advanced programming techniques and professional business uses. About this book.This book, Adanced Programming with the Sinclair QL,is aimed at those users who have a working knowledge of SuperBASIC and would like to progress to more advanced programming. This book includes such topics as program logic representation, types of commercial program, programming techniques, development, testing and live running applications and document design. It also includes a statement and command reference section. The book provides an essential reference work for users who really want to get to grips with the Sinclair QL. About the series editor. Robin Bradbeer has a wide experience of microcomputing. As well as being one-time editor of Educational Computing, he was involved in the start up of Computer and Video Games and Sinclair Projects. He is author, amongst other titles, of The Personal Computer Book (Gower) and co-author of the highly successful The Computer Book (BBC Publications). He has recently set up his own microcomputer consultancy company and is a regular contributor to computer magazines and to broadcasting.

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Advanced Programming with the Sinclair QL
Advanced Programming with the Sinclair QL

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Advanced Programming with the Sinclair QL

Hoofdtitel Advanced Programming with the Sinclair QL
Uitgever Hutchinson
Auteur(s) Gandoff, Martin
Taal Engels
Pagina's 187
Productvorm Paperback
Publicatiedatum 1984
ISBN 9780091589615